West Wittering Walk (Chichester Harbour Conservancy, PDF)

East Head West Wittering

  • 4 miles, 6k, flat
  • Old House at Home pub in West Wittering, cafe (check opening times) at the beach.
  • buses from Chichester

cup of teabus

A 6km walk along the wonderfully sandy beach of West Wittering and around the sand dunes of East Head with far-reaching views across Chichester Harbour to the Isle of Wight. East Head is the sand dune spit situated at the eastern side of the entrance to Chichester Harbour. It is a stunning example of a natural and dynamic coastal feature which is of great interest to environmentalists and ecologists because of its fragile nature.

East Head is on tidal sands. The walk is most enjoyable at low tide when large expanses of sand are revealed. When the tide is 4.6m or higher it is possible to walk through the dunes instead.

Although this walk is good at anytime of the year,  be warned that the beach can be extremely busy on good summer days, as can the traffic to and from the beach, including West Wittering village itself .