Telscombe village, East Sussex - - 1349082

Telscombe and Mill Hill (PDF, South Downs National Park)

  • 5.5 miles, 8.8k (2 hours) circular walk around Telscombe and Mill Hill
  • shorter 4 mile between Saltdean and Telscombe
  • two steep inclines on longer walk




The longer walk rapidly takes you into the South Downs, and then down to the isolated hamlet of Telscombe, almost hidden in the folds of the Downs, which owes its peaceful character due to the wealthy bookmaker and racehorse trainer Ambrose Gorham who left the village to a trust known as ‘Gorham’s Gift’.

Although located less than two miles (3 km) from the coast, there is no public road linking the village with the more built-up coast. The village,  a small cluster of buildings around a church dedicated to St Laurence and a picturesque Youth Hostel (mind your head), is found at the end of a winding dead end road which you partly traverse as you head up again towards Mill Hill. It’s a walk across downland back to the bus stop.

The shorter walk starts in the coastal conurbation of Saltdean and takes you up to the common of Telscombe Tye and on to Telscombe.

Telscombe – My brighton and Hove