Cooksbridge and Offham Circular Walks (South Downs Walks, PDF)

Hamsey Church

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Cooksbridge, Offham and Hamsey are three villages which sit in the East Sussex parish of Hamsey. With viewpoints from the top of the Offham Chalk Pit and on the approach from the Ouse Valley, these two walks are an ideal way to explore the industrial heritage of the chalk and lime industry in and around the parish of Hamsey.

Hamsey itself can be considered a lost village, the original village, now abandoned apart from the church and a few cottages, lay on an island in the River Ouse.  The church in Hamsey,  St. Peter’s, was a prosperous church with a large congregation until the Black Death decreased the local population so much that by the 19th century it was decided that a new church (also St. Peter’s) should be built in the hamlet of Offham. The Hamsey church still stands (pictured above) but has a slightly eeerie feel.