Saddlescombe Farm

Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill

Saddlescombe Farm and Newtimber Hill and Newtimber Hill Butterfly Walk (both National Trust)

  • choice of short 1.5 mile walk (1 hour) or longer Butterfly Walk, 3 miles
  • Start and end of walk can be muddy in winter.
  • Short, steep ascent to begin but then gently undulating, grassy terrain
  • Hikers Rest at Saddlescombe Farm
  • Royal Oak in Poynings (short detour on Butterfly Walk)
  • accessible by bus

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These walks can both start from Saddlescombe Farm, an almost hidden hamlet sitting at the base of the Downs which is owned by the National Trust along with the surrounding countryside. Listed as a working farm since the Domesday Book and having belonged to the Knights Templar for around 100 years  – there are plenty of historic buildings to explore.

Both walks give you a chance to walk up to Newtimber Hill and explore the downs above the farm, which is some of the best for butterflies and flowers on the South Downs, with Adonis and chalkhill blues, dark-green fritillary and silver-spotted skipper. It’s also good for orchids.