Downs at Balsdean

Downs at Balsdean

Rottingdean in the Footsteps of Kipling and Company (Rottingdean Conservation Society, PDF).

  • 3 miles.
  • Mostly easy with moderate inclines.
  • Pubs and tea rooms in Rottingdean.
  • Accessible by bus

buscup of tea

Rottingdean is a picturesque seaside village that became fashionable in the nineteenth century among artists, writers and politicians and it still retains its artsy feel today.  Towards the end of the 19th century it offered seclusion and inspiration for many artists, writers and public figures, the most famous of which was Rudyard Kipling, who wrote ‘The Just So Stories’ whilst living there.

Don’t miss a visit to the lovely Kipling Gardens and The Grange Museum, Art gallery and Tea Garden. For an informative guide to the village, see the Rottingdean Village Leaflet (PDF).

The walk guides you through the principle sights associated with Kipling and also takes you up to the Downs above the village, including a visit to the ‘lost village of Balsdean’. For more information on the lost village and the Rottingdean downland area, see also the Downs on your Doorstep East Brighton guide by Brighton and Hove Council.