Hangleton Manor Walk (Hall & Woodhouse, PDF)
Hangleton Manor pub

  • 2.8 miles, 70-90 mins
  • moderate walk up to the Downs
  • starts and ends at the Hangleton Manor pun
  • accessible by bus

cup of teahistoric attraction

An undulating walk on to the South Downs around Hove taking in the Benfield Hill Nature Reserve. Good under foot with far reaching views, there’s lots to enjoy. The walks starts and ends at The Hangleton Manor, an old manor house, now a a pub and a grade II listed building – the the oldest domestic secular building in Brighton & Hove dating back to the 1500s. This makes the Hangleton the ideal location for a short pub walk with the option of a pint and bite to eat before or after a walk up to the Downs above Hove.

Hangleton Manor history (Wikipedia)