A Compendium of Sussex Walks

Chichester Marina to Dell Quay Walk

Crown and Anchor Dell Quay

Crown and Anchor, Dell Quay

Chichester Marina to Dell Quay Walk (PDF, Chichester Conservancy)

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A fine circular walk from Chichester Marina through fields  with Chichester cathedral in the distance, before heading down to the harbour at Dell Quay to return towards the Marina  along the waterside with fine harbour views, before finally also taking in Chichester canal.

The Marina was opened in 1966, can berth over 1000 boats and is the second largest marina in the country. The canal runs from the city of Chichester down to the Harbour and opened in 1823 as part of a larger canal scheme to carry cargo between London and Portsmouth.

Halfway, the 16th century Crown & Anchor at Dell Quay is an excellent harbour side pub whilst the stylish Boat House Cafe at Chichester Marina offers good value fayre.


  1. Clare S

    I wasn’t able to download the pdf for this walk. This link gives a 404 error https://www.conservancy.co.uk/assets/assets/walks_marina_dellquay.pdf

  2. caroline

    An interesting place to go walking is Bramber castle, then onto Steyning. Each place is of great historic interest. Bramber Castle is (I believe) a Norman castle. There is a pretty good walk around it. You also pass by Bramber church. In Steyning, you have one the graves of one of our medieval kings, a monastery (at the back behind the church) and several houses of interest on the high street. I am sure someone more knowledgeable could enlighten you further. The history is all there to see explained in detail and there is a great museum, again near the Church. Sorry got to dash, love the website!

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