Bluebells in Clapham Wood

Bluebells in Clapham Wood

Sussex has a profusion of bluebell woods situated right across the county. The best time to see bluebells is usually from early/mid April to early May, with a peak at the end of the flowering season in April/May but only a week separates stunning carpets of blue from the disappointing fading green of setting seeds. They also tend to flower later after a cold winter.

Here’s a selection of walks during which you can encounter bluebells along the way:

Try also Costells Wood in (Scaynes Hill) and Kiln Wood (Chailey).

There are also a couple of very good bluebell woods that are available to visit for a small entrance fee:

Heaven Farm

Arlington Bluebell Walk

For more information on bluebells, see the Bluebells page on the Bluebell Railway Walks website.