A Compendium of Sussex Walks

long man’s Walking Guide to Sussex

This is a guide to walking in the beautiful and varied county of Sussex in southern England. The walks featured focus mainly on walks up to a day long and are drawn from different sources on the web. Though they are not my own walks, I have walked many of the walks myself, especially in the Brighton area, the Downs between Eastbourne and Arundel, and the Ashdown Forest. Many of the others are on my walking wish list.

Look out for the publication date of walks. Things do change. And also pay attention to the distance and ascent/descent of the walks. Whilst Sussex is not a daunting county to walk in,  planning and preparation are still important, so remember water, maps, plasters, layers of clothing and so on. A stiff breeze can often be expected on the Downs and on the higher parts of the county.

Please provide feedback on the walks. If something is wrong, not as clear as it could be or a link is not working, please say so. Things do change. And if you know of any other walks in Sussex that are featured on the net, please also let me know.

I hope you like this site. It has been created using WordPress. When I’m not walking, I’m working as a web designer, creating clean, professional websites, which like these walks, are hopefully easy to navigate.

Rob Sarjant

long man web design

Key for the Walks


disabled access sign

wheelchair or buggy friendly


public transport friendly

cup of tea

near good pubs and tea rooms

church castle

goes past historic sights or gardens


  1. Anne Guy

    I have just come across your blog and it is great! I shall certainly be subscribing to receive new posts as I am often in Sussex. I only yesterday published my latest blog which as it features your neck of the woods you might be interested in reading…
    heres the link https://anneguygardendesigns.wordpress.com/2016/01/29/arun-to-adur-a-walk-along-the-south-coast/

  2. kathryn

    hello, we are just planning our trip back to UK from NZ with our two kids age 9 & 6. We haven’t been back for a good 8 years so its great to stumble on your informative and well laid out site to start our planning! : )

    • sussexlongman

      Thanks, glad you have found the site useful – have an excellent trip.

  3. Sarah London

    I walk the West Sussex paths of
    Sidlesham to the nature reserve almost daily.
    I recommend the beauty in peace and often solitude which embraces a oneness with this unique landscape , you can’t help but feel immersed in the nature that is to be found on this most lovely of coastal salt marshes whatever the weather

  4. dawm

    I found this site and thought great, lots of lovely walks but I’m unsure how to get the map of the routes. Is there a map that goes with each walk?

    • sussexlongman

      Hi, thanks and sorry for the late reply, there is a link to the original source for the walk in green at the top of each walk. This will usually take you to a website or PDF which describes the walk more fully, usually with a decent map of the route and intructions.

  5. Helen Stollar

    We have tried to open/download a number of your walks (2 Hassocks walks) and a couple of others and find that they fail – the link seems broken – and the resulting blank page times out after about a minute.
    We are using Firefox 56 on an Apple Mac.

    Could you check it out for us please?
    Many thanks

    • sussexlongman

      Hi, thanks for letting me know. Seems the Visit Hassocks website is no more. I normally try to link to the original source but as that is no more, I have now uploaded the PDFs of these walks directly to this site so they can now be accessed again. I’ve added a fifth walk in this series too so all 5 of the ‘Circular Walks around Hassocks’ are now on this site. Let me know if you spot any other broken links.

  6. Stephen

    I’m delighted to find you site.
    I’m constantly amazed by how infrequently I meet other walkers on some of the nation’s best trails.
    It looks like your site is a useful resource for a fellow Sussex resident.
    Well done.

  7. Richard Gadd

    Really nice site – very clear and some great looking walks.
    One minor thing – I noticed that the Forest Way Circular walks that the link to the Metrobus leaflet doesnt quite work – it looks like its been moved (from https://www.metrobus.co.uk/download/6087.9/forest-way-walk/ to https://assets.goaheadbus.com/media/cms_page_media/2810/forest-way-walk.pdf ).

    • sussexlongman

      Hi Richard, thanks for your kind comment, and yes the Metrobus link has moved and I’ve now updated it, so thanks for that too.

  8. Pamela

    Not sure if my details to subscribe came through correctly. I was notified that i would receive an email to confirm but nothing came through to my in box.
    Great web site. I organise our walks & walk regularly with friends so I am always looking for new walks in West Sussex.. Brilliant site. Well done! Pam

  9. Cathy


    great website but I can’t access the pdf for the Pulborough History walk as the link seems broken. Any idea how I could access it?

    • sussexlongman

      Thanks, seems the site is being redeveloped so it may be back at some point. Unfortunately, I don’t have the PDF, but in the mean time, the only thing I can find is a small map of the walk at http://www.houseonthebrooks.co.uk/local-walks/4579780674

  10. Sarah

    I have just moved to Hassocks and stumbled across this site whilst trying to orientate myself locally for walks! I just wanted to say a huge thank you as it’s fantastic! I have done 2 of the walks in this period of social distancing, they have been perfectly written on the PDF guides and have saved my sanity this week! Thanks again, Sarah

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